A Trusted Private Seaplane Charter Company at Your Service

At Admiralty Air Service, my goal is to provide you with stellar-quality scenic floatplane flights from our base in Juneau, AK. Whether you want to embark on a tour or visit any place within the state, I have you covered.

Core Values

As a family-friendly business, Admiralty Air Service genuinely cares about your safety and needs. When you book my seaplane charter, you can also expect a friendly, compassionate, and caring pilot at your service.

About Our Aerial Tours and Bear-Watching Trips

I provide services such as glacier flightseeing and bear-viewing tours as well as customized charters to remote areas. You can also participate in one of our most popular summer trips including brown bear-watching excursions and scenic flight tours.

On any of the flights that my company offers, you will have the opportunity to see beautiful mountains, breathtaking glaciers, rare wildlife, and more. You can enjoy my flightseeing trips in which I will be bringing you over the majestic Juneau ice field. I will also bring you to the Pack Creek site for a terrific bear-viewing trip.

Meet the Pilot


My Credentials

I am the sole owner and operator of Admiralty Air Service. In 1993, I moved to Alaska to complete my flight time requirements. Since then, I have acquired more than 12,000 hours of flying experience.


My Personal Life

Together with my wife, Susan (who is also a pilot) and our young son, Lucas, I have been living in Alaska for more than 20 years. My family and I stay all year round in Juneau for our business as well as enjoy recreational activities such as fishing and hunting. Over time, I familiarized myself with all the most stunning spots to fly over.

Reach Out to Me

I founded Admiralty Air Service to serve one goal — deliver an Alaskan adventure that every traveler won’t soon forget. You can experience the wonders of nature through my help. Contact me today to book your next flight. I look forward to serving whatever needs you may have on your next trip to Alaska!